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How To Post A Job

POSTING JOBS TO LINKEDIN Groups (Career Prospectors)

1. From the web, find the job posting on the Company Website. Leave open so you can copy & paste into LinkedIn.

2. Sign in to LinkedIn. Move your cursor over Interests at the top of your homepage and select Groups.

3. Click on Career Prospectors Group.

4. From the Discussion Bar, type the Company and Job Title (e.g. "XYZ Company is hiring an Accountant")

5. Right below Discussion Bar, click on "Job"


6. From the "add more details" box, Paste the web address of the job posting.

7. The linked job posting will automatically pop open in a box below (red arrow)


8. Copy/paste the job description below the web address in the "add more details" box.


9. Hit the "share" button on bottom right.

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