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Past Presentations & Templates

  • A Short Cut To Writing A Resume  Download (DOC)
    The Critical Art of Answering Interview Questions Download (DOC)
    Mastering the Telephone Interview Download (DOC)
    Resume Template Download (DOC)
    Developed by Ben D’Arrigo
  • Ready, Aim, Fire Presentation  Download (PDF)   Sample of Hand Bill Download (PDF)
    Presenter: Gene C. Wilson, linkedin.com/in/wilsongene
  • Emotional Intelligence: An Essential Skill that May Not Appear on Your Resume  Download (PDF)
    Presenters: Ann V. Deaton, Ph.D., PCC
  • Transitioning and Re-inventing Presentation  Download (PPTX)
    Presenters: Ellen Kowalski, Lynn Schafer
  • Resumes That Work  Download (PPT)
  • Dave Winter's Characteristic of Successful Career Transitions  Download (PPT)
  • Ready Fire Aim presentation Download (pdf)
  • NetworkingHokies Helping Hokies  Download (PPT)
  • Ready Fire Aim presentation Download (pdf)
  • Tips For Those in Transition - Sixteen pages including 4 Table of Contents and Twelve Pages of my Ideas. Commentary of mainly of John's ideas, opinions, and thoughts that he suggests to Job Seekers in Transition while coaching, speaking in network meetings, and teaching. This commentary is easier to read printed. If you like it, pass it along to others. Download (Word Doc zipped)
  • 2009 Greater Richmond Largest Corporate Employers - Database of Top 50 Richmond Metro Largest Private Employers and 50 other Corporations with Richmond Headquarters, which includes hyperlinks to companies Fortune 1000 Ranking, Stock Symbol, Company Website, and links to the company Job Search Website. Download (Excel doc zipped)
  • Informational Interview Download (PDF)
  • The New Job Search Download (PDF)
  • Networking to meet decision makers Download (PowerPoint)
  • Updates - 2010-One Stop Websites for Researching Business, People, Facts, & Beyond Download (Word Doc zipped)
  • Breakthrough Leadership Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Speak on Your Feet - Your Career Communications Advantage
    Presentation (PDF Doc)
  • Sample Resume (Inspiring HR)   Example (Word Doc)
  • How to use LinkedIn   Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Using FinditVa.com   Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Networking & Small Business in Richmond Metro by Harry Garmon    Presentation (PDF)
  • A helpful guide to the art of networking.    Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Example of email request for Informational interview
  • Emotional Responses to Change    Presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Speed Networking Session   Presentation (HTML)
  • Richmond Times Dispatch - Networking can open the job market - Article  (HTML)


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