Career Prospectors is an organization serving the greater Richmond area, focused on helping people find job opportunities since 2002. Whether relocated, terminated, down sized, or are still working and looking for a new opportunity, all are welcome.

There is no cost at any time to join or attend.

Some of our members have not actively looked for a job in many years, so Career Prospectors presents the latest tactics in searching for and winning a job. At each meeting, we network, discuss what we have done during the past week to further our individual job searches, and offer each other suggestions on how to improve our chances for success.

A critical benefit is the support and encouragement we provide each other throughout the job search. We often have speakers who discuss topics such as how to work with HR people, improving resumes, networking skills, and aimed at winning a new job.

For meeting times and locations visit the Career Prospectors Meetup site at http://www.meetup.com/http-career-prospectors-com/

We’re glad you found us and we welcome you. At the same time, we hope you are quickly successful in your job search. Our objective at Career Prospectors is to help each other become as effective and skilled in our job search as possible and to share networking tips, contacts and best practices. We have a variety of resources to help in your job search, from resume writing, to creating your marketing plan, to networking, to interviewing.

Job loss and job search is challenging. It is normal to go through a range of emotions following loss of a job, including anger, grief, resentment, loss of self-esteem, followed by hope and enthusiasm, and then bouncing from one to another. This emotional roller coaster is not a linear process. Come to our meetings each week and find others who have been in this same process with you; together we support and encourage one another. There is no cost to participating and everyone is welcome.

Typical Meeting Activities

Networking and Sharing Leads

  1. Guest Speakers, Topics covered include:
    • Resume Writing
    • Elevator speech
    • Self-Marketing Plans
    • Web Search skills
    • Support
  2. Networking Exercises
  3. Mock Interviews
  4. Discussion Group Accountability

Why Network?

Networking can be very helpful to your career. The purpose is to develop a network of friendly people who share information to help each other. Networking is a strategy for opening the hidden job market and getting a good job. Up to 80% of the job openings are not advertised, so it is essential that you develop friendly relationships with people who can tip you off to job openings, perhaps even introduce you to the key person who is doing the hiring. There is truth in, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Weather Notice: No meeting when schools are closed for holidays and bad weather.